4th, December, 2020

Dr. Suzawa of BioStrad Lab was invited as a lecturer for the APEC event “2020 Kobe CoE Virtual Workshop for Biotherapeutics” during 2-4 Dec. 2020. See the link for details.

Biotherapeutic Products CoE Workshop by Kobe University


6th, January, 2020

BioStrad Lab LLC has been established (registered) as a new private company on 6th January 2020. We continue to support Biologcs CMC development and regulatory filings for the customers in and outside Japan.


3rd – 5th, December, 2019

Dr. Suzawa of BioStrad Lab was invited as a lecturer for the APEC-granted pilot CoE program organized by Kobe University. During the 3 days workshop, reviewers and GMP inspectors in regulatory agencies coming from Asian countries and Brazil were joined in this lecture and practice courses on Biopharmaceutical process development and GMP inspection trainings.

Centers of Excellence and Affiliates
Kobe Univ. Received Pilot Certification as APEC Training Center of Excellence | PHARMA JAPAN
The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has recently granted pilot certification to Kobe Univer…


November, 2019

BioStrad Lab has been entered into pertnership agreement with PointPath.Biz, K. K. Comprehensive collaboration in consultation services regarding biopharmaceutical development is possible. Please contact us for details.

PointPath.Biz, K.K.


July, 2019

Web site of BioStradLab has been released.