Where is the name “BioStrad Lab” coming form?

Strad is derived from the term “Stradivarius” that everyone knows.  The Stradivarius were made by Antonio Stradivari (1644 – 1737) in Cremona, Italy, and currently approx. 600 Stradivarius violins are still remained existent.  The basis of the technology of making this violin model has been established in 300 years ago, but is still alive in these days, since many modern violin makers /artists are still continue to learn from them.  None of the genes and spirits of the making technology as well as their sounds over Stradivarius have been discovered so far.  The sounds, shape and color of the violin will be taken over for many people for hundreds years.

Biopharmaceuticals are made by certain living cells in which genes encoding physiologically active protein / peptide were introduced by leveraging a genetic recombination technology.  Protein molecule is invisible by itself, but the technologies for making this small product were investigated for long periods of time by a lot of researchers and scientific pioneers.  Manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals is the results of consolidation of sciences and technologies for many years.  Consequently, biopharmaceuticals will be inherited to many people and will continue to be contributed for the health and happiness of human-beings for hundreds of years as safe and active medicinal products. That’s somewhat similar to Stradivarius violons.

Based upon long term experiences in this Biopharmceutical CMC fields, BioStrad Lab offers sophisticated services on CMC development support and consultation on Biopharmaceuticals that will be introduced in Japan.

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